The Beginning


As I learn to maneuver this new technology (new for me) please bear with me.

First, and foremost, I must acknowledge and thank the team of young ladies who have made this site possible.  They have designed and created it all, and have patiently guided me in the process.  Katie Mattson, Colleen Griffith, Pio Deroda, and Jen Guzman have all worked diligently to make this finally happen.  Katie, in particular, has lead the creation.  We will continue to tweek it and attempt new things, but in essence it exists.  Thanks to each of them.

Our intention is to make this a venue of communication and information dissemination.  We want to open more avenues for dialogue and getting the word out to you all.  Meeting notes will appear here soon, as will other notifications, as well as documents you might need, or contact info you might use.  Please give us feedback. Please have patience. And please spread the word.

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