Boundary Line Adjustment

When to apply for a boundary line adjustment (BLA)?                          

Whenever you want to move the boundary line between your property and adjacent property owned by someone else, you must receive approval from the Planning Board for a Boundary Line Adjustment. (Please note: If you want to combine adjacent properties that you already own, see the instructions for “Application for Same Owner(s) to Combine Two or More Tax Parcels”).

If you want to apply for a Boundary Line Adjustment, you should read ALL of the documents contained in the latest version of the Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) Kit:

1. Applicants Guide to BLA Review

– an overview and general information about the Boundary line Adjustment process

2. BLA Flowchart

– summary of the BLA process

3. BLA Applicant check list

-list of required documents to ensure you have everything you need

4. BLA Application

5.Sec 401 Survey Information

– Information that must be included on the required survey

6. Town of Colchester Diverted Storm Water

7. Planning Board Fees (updated 2023)

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