When must I apply for a Subdivision Review?
Whenever you intend to split a parcel of your land into two or more parcels, you must receive approval from the Town Planning Board for a subdivision.

If you wish to subdivide land into two, three or four parcels, you will need to apply for a Minor Subdivision Review. If you wish to subdivide into five or more parcels, you will need to apply for a Major Subdivision Review. (Note that previous subdivisions of this parcel since 1991 count toward this total. For further information and the exact requirements, refer to the Town’s “Subdivision Regulations” and this packet.) Contact the Chair of the Planning Board if you want to apply for a Major Subdivision.

If you want to apply for a Minor Subdivision, you should read ALL of the documents contained in the latest version of the Minor Subdivision Kit.

  1. Important Notices for Minor Subdivision Review
  2. Applicant Guide for Minor Subdivision Review
  3. Minor Subdivision Flow Chart
  4. Applicant Checklist for Minor Subdivision Review
  5. Application for Minor Subdivision
  6. Short Environmental Assessment Form
  7. Sec 401 Survey Information – Information that must be included on the required survey
  8. Sample Letter – Model of notification to send to adjacent landowners before Public Hearing
  9. Town of Colchester Subdivision Regulations
  10. Town of Colchester Diverted Storm Water
  11. Sewage Soil Lots
  12. Planning Board Fees (updated 2023)
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