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7 Billboards in Downsville

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Downsville has had 3 consecutive years of Streetscape Art Projects. The very first year, 2015, Wood Carved Eagles were up on display. In 2016 Pedal Cars were on display and this current year (2017) Covered Bridges.

Click to see full detail of each years Streetscape Art:
2016 Pedal Cars
2017 Covered Bridges

The Eagles from the 2015 Streetscape project will remain in the Town of Colchester for the remainder of their lives! We are looking for local Main Street businesses to house the Eagles until more permanent, protected areas are constructed to preserve them for the years to come. Please contact Patricia DeRoda 607-760-7163 or email at if you’d like to “nest” an Eagle in your business as a local display.
CALL FOR HELP [Eagle Streetscape]

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